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Indian Food

In India, as language changes per 50 kilometers, the variety of cuisine/food also changes. If you are a foodie, then India is the place for you with the kind of food which will activate all your taste buds. Indian cuisine is as diverse as India itself. If you are visiting India and confused about what to eat then this article can be the best guide for you.

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Top 10 famous foods in India:

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    Dal Bati
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    Vada Pav
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    Chole Bhature
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    Butter Chicken

1.  Parathas

Parathas are one of the most delicious dish of India. It is made by baking the wheat dough on a pan or tava and finishing off with shallow frying. There is plenty of variety also seen in these Parathas. Some popular types of parathas are AlooParatha, MethiParatha, onion paratha etc. But the funny fact is Indians invent new type of Paratha every day by mixing some special item with wheat and your new type of Paratha is all ready to eat!

I summarize my research as if you really want to experience the diversity of India, you should start with food. Explore India’s famous food by this theory ‘Try New Food- Sleep- Repeat’.


2.  Khaman

If you love to eat light food then you should try Khaman of Gujarat. It is also known as Dhokla. A tasty and healthy steamed snack made from freshly ground lentils and chickpea flour, it is very similar to its humble cousin, the world-famous -dhokla. To prepare the khaman, the khaman flour mix is boiled along with turmeric, salt and baking soda to make it light and fluffy. It is then cut up into cubes and usually garnished with mustard seeds, coriander leaves, sev and chopped onions. Traditionally served on a large green leaf called the Kesuda, the modern, urban version is served in newspapers in farsan (snack) shops with tangy chutneys and several pieces of green chilies. Popular adaptations of the khaman include Amerikhaman (mashed up khaman garnished with sevand pomegranate), Nylon khaman (softer and fast-cooking khaman) and Masala khaman (khaman served with hot and spicy chilly powder).

Dhokala Khaman

3.  Dal Bati

Some places are popular because of their special food. Rajasthan not only famous for it is gifted with Dessert but also for the delicious Dal Bati. Dal, Baati, Churma is probably Rajasthan’s most favored and famous meal. Curma is a favorite sweet dish (made of coarsely powdered cereals) prepared to mark a special occasion or to honor a special guest. It is mostly had in combination with Panchmel Dal or simply Dal (five varieties of lentils slow-cooked over coals and tempered with a generous helping of ghee, dry red chilies and spices) and Baati (balls made of wheat, thrice cooked- steamed, baked and fried).


4.  Chaat

Chaat is like the king of Street food available in India. Especially, the well-known “Delhi Chaat”. The word chaat means the taste. When you eat this Chaat your taste buds must be having a party. Basically, chaat is fried dough, with a variety of other elements. The original chaat is a mixture of potato pieces, crisp fried bread, dahivada or dahibhalla, gram of chickpeas and tangy salty spices, with sour Indian chili, fresh green coriander leaves and yogurt for garnish. It includes bhelpuri, panipuri, samosa, sevpuru, paaprichaat and many more.


5.  MisalPaav

If you are a spicy lover, then MisalPaav of Maharashtra is the cream of the crop for you! Misal is a spicy a curry usually made from moth beans and a paav, an Indian type of Bread. The final dish is topped with farsan or sev, onions, lemon and coriander (cilantro). It is usually served with bread or rolls toasted with butter and buttermilk or curd and papad. It is served as a breakfast dish, as a snack and also as a full meal.There are plenty of varieties also found in this Misal as per the regions of Maharashtra but overall the KolhapuriMisal is the best amongst all this.


6.  Idli/Dosa

Rice is the fundamental part of South India and they have invented the best food from it which is Idli and Dosa. Idli is a round fluffy bread made from ground rice or rice flour mixed with Urad Dal. The mixture is allowed to ferment prior to being steamed in a special steamer which is purposefully made only for Idlis.  Dosa is also round, thin pancake made from a fermented mixture of rice and urad dal.It is the traditional food of the south which is served with chutney(made from coconut) or may be given with Sambhar. The recipe is loaded with nutritious ingredients and is loved by people for their health benefits.

Idali Dosa

7.  PaavBhaji

Pav bhaji is an iconic dish from Mumbai and hugely popular all over India. Pav means bread rolls. Bhaji is the Marathi word for vegetables or a vegetable-based dish (dry or gravy). Since both the bhaji (vegetable gravy) and pav are served together, hence the name ‘Pav bhaji‘. Pav bhaji is basically a mix of mashed & spiced vegetables in gravy. A special spice blend ‘Pavbhajimasala‘ is used to make pav bhaji. Pav Bhaji masala powder is easily available in Indian stores and can be easily made at home too. Though homemade spice blends are always good, you can make pav bhaji with your favorite brand of pav bhaji masala. Pav bhaji originated in Mumbai as a quick lunch option for textile mill workers. Gradually this dish becomes so popular that now it is served as street food as well as in restaurants in Mumbai and the rest of India.


8.  Vada Paav

If you came to India and leave without eating a Wada Paav then your journey will be worthless. Wada Paav is the most popular street food overall in India sometimes given with Green chilies as a compliment and chutneys A batter-fried potato bomb sandwiched between fluffy pan-toasted pav’s sums up the brilliance that is a vada-pav. The snack hails from the streets of Maharashtra and has made its way to restaurants and kiosks all over India especially in huge numbers across various streets in Mumbai.


9.  CholeBhature

Sort of the unofficial dish of New Delhi, though it’s popular elsewhere in North India, cholebhature is a Punjabi concoction of spicy curried chickpeas (chole) and puffy fried white-flour bread (bhature), most often eaten together for breakfast (it’s also known as chanabhatura). Come mornings, popular cholebhature spots are crowded with everyone from local rickshaw drivers and shopkeepers to university students, all looking for a delicious cheap meal. Tell a local you ate this for breakfast and you’ll get the widest grin imaginable. It's one of the best things you can eat in New Delhi!

Choole Bhatoore

10.  Butter Chicken

If you are a die-hard fan of Nonveg especially of Chicken then Butter Chicken won’t disappoint you. It is the best dish from Punjab, which is popular all over India and available in almost every restaurant in India. Chunks of grilled chicken (tandoori chicken) cooked in a smooth buttery & creamy tomato based gravy are known as Butter Chicken. You will be definitely satisfied after eating this royal dish. It is served with roti and naan.

Butter Chicken


India has tons of spices(Masalas) and has tons of a different kind of dishes. It’s quite difficult to cover them all in one article. Comment below and let me know which dish you like most...

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