Top 10 Qualities of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

Shri Narendra Modi is the most famous person in India and now in the World. His name is sufficient to win election in this decade.  BJP won several elections using his name. He has a charismatic personality that's why I am trying to gather his top 10 qualities. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has several different good qualities which can inspire people of the World. He is the leader of the biggest party  and represents the biggest democratic nation in the world. 

Collecting qualities about PM Narendra Modi is an exciting thing for me. He is an excellent personality.

Now he is successfully entered in the list of World leaders. He is influencing the world by his diplomacy and leadership. 

In this decade, PM Narendra Modi is the most famous, likeable and acceptable prime minister of India.

Following are top 10 qualities of PM Narendra Modi...

  1. Risk taking, Leadership and Quality decision making 

  2. Love for technology

  3. Simplicity, Enthusiasm, Determinations and Patience

  4. Workaholic and Discipline

  5. Excellent strategic planner, Diplomacy and Adopt the changing situation

  6. Patriotism and Nationalism 

  7. Excellent speaker, Fashion sense and Event Hero

  8. Humility and Belief in GOD. 

  9. Visionary, Dream High, Commitment, Self confidence, Always be one step ahead

  10. Independence and Ignore obstacles in progressive path 

Lets see the top 10 qualities of PM Narendra Modi.

#1. Risk taking, Leadership and Quality decision making 

As per the decision taken by PM Narendra Modi, He is most risk taking, having high leadership qualities and most decision making prime minister. There are several decisions which are risk taking and required leadership qualities like:

  1. Demonetisation
  2. GST
  3. Surgical strike
  4. Stand for Ram Mandir
  5. Remove article 370
  6. Triple talaq
  7. NRC and CAA
  8. Anti Terror law
  9. Merger of banks 
  10. Lockdown 

 many more...

Some of them are too risky and complicated that other leaders in the country can't take a glance at. But PM Modiji has guts to face the consequences.

All oppositions are against him and spreading rumors and he is a person who is firm on his decision.  

These are the risky decisions which are taken by PM Narendra Modi. That's why I say Bravo Modiji.

Narendra Modi is the best prime minister in Indian history. 

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#2. Love for technology

I have seen several old people who hesitate to use new technologies even including my parents. Computers, Internet, Social networking are too far from them. This happens because of too fast changing technology in the last 25 years. 

On other hand some people use technologies just like that technology is made for them like Narendra Modi. He uses technologies for public communication and politics. He is the first prime minister who started using technologies in public communications. Tweeter is his favorite social media and he uses it a lot. 

Narendra Modi started BHIM app for money transfer. It's the best app. This app makes money transfer easy and quick using UPI. Narendra Modi is the first prime minister who started UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Google pay, PayTM etc all are based on UPI. Narendra Modi is a visionary prime minister. 

He has also participated in modernization of Indian military. He purchased, New technologies  for the military like apache & chinook helicopter, rafale aircraft etc.  He knows where to go and how to go. He is running with the time.

While fighting with coronavirus he launches an app Aarogya Setu. Aarogya Setu is an excellent app. If you come near to covid19 patients then this app informs you using notification. This app also provides information tips and preventive measures. 

Narendra Modi uses radio technology for communication with people. Several times he used radio for Mann Ki Baat for direct communication with the public. Not a single prime minister used radio in this way. 

In lockdown time, he is doing meetings on internet conference calls. He proves that an airplane is not only for traveling, he slept in it and did several meetings while traveling. When I say he slept in an airplane then what is new in it then you need to understand he worked hard the entire day and traveled at night so he can sleep while traveling. What a best use of time and technology. 

In the Mann Ki Baat program, he took the names of those people who invented something new in technologies.  Narendra Modi inspires people to use and create new technologies. We can see his love of technology by initiating Digital India and Make In India. 

While landing chandrayaan 2 on the moon, he was in the control room to cheer with them and encourage our scientists.

One more thing I want to add here. He loves cameras. His fashion sense is excellent. He knows how to appear on camera, how to give poses on camera. He knows how cameras build his personality.  His camera appearance is fantastic. When he is in public he is aware of camera location and knows how to capture him. It's common sense for politicians. Narendra Modi uses the digital era in a perfect way.  

Narendra Modi is  a cool prime minister.

#3. Simplicity, Enthusiasm, Determinations and Patience

Narendra Modi is a simple but smart person. We can get it on his behaviour and actions. If you see his interview with Akshay Kumar then you will know how simple he is? He likes most advanced technologies but does not forget the roots of our culture. 

He comes from a poor family and has seen a very hard time in childhood. But his determination, patience and enthusiasm made him prime minister.   

When china president Xi Jinping and indian prime minister Narendra Modi sit on a traditional swing on the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad and sit on floor at Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad it shows his simplicity.

At the age of 69 he is too enthusiastic. In the age of 60s people retired and our prime minister worked 16 to 18 hours a day, played drums in Japan, started Swachh Bharat Mission, took selfies with Bollywood stars, did yoga daily, attended multiple rallies in elections, active on social media and ready to action every problem.

Person like Narendra Modi who leads the country should have patience. He does full proof planning and homework for every small task. He has control of every word in the speech. He is determined to deliver excellent work all the time.

Once America declined his visa application, now they're terming him their true friend. He did not lose his patience when America declined his visa application. He worked hard to gain friendship.

Narendra Modi is a purely enthusiastic, motivational, simple, determined and patience person.

#4. Workaholic and Discipline 

Narendra Modi is a workaholic and disciplined person. There are several stories about him like when he travels to multiple nations. He works during the day time and travels at night,  so he can sleep while traveling. 

We heard that he lived a very disciplined life. Yoga, exercise walks are his daily routine. He learned discipline from RSS. He forced other ministers to live disciplined lives and work full time. 

When he came into power 2nd time in Lok Sabha(Lower house), he passed 47 bills, that is too much. Even BJP doesn't have a majority in Rajya Sabha(upper house). Following are major bill passed in 2019:

  1. The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019
  2. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  3. The Code on Wages, 2019
  4. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Bill, 2019
  5. Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019

There are some bills which are not possible to pass by other parties. This is the result of workaholic and discipline ministers. Once Rajdeep said like ministers don't have free time, Narendra Modi giving them to continue tasks even parliament members do not get proper time to read and study bills. 

At the time of previous prime ministers, when they go abroad then they go with families, media and several unwanted persons. They work in the morning  and do parties in the evening. Even official people gave them costly alcohol as a gift. But in Narendra Modi's time everything has changed. He works in the morning, evening and at night also and starts work the next day early in the morning. There are no free abroad trips, parties, no alcohol and no gifts. 

Narendra Modi is a true work machine. 

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#5. Excellent strategic planner, Diplomacy and Adopts the changing situation

There is no doubt that Narendra Modi is an excellent strategic planner and adopts the changing situation. There are several stories about it. We can see his excellent strategic planning on several time like:

  1. 2014 Assembly election
  2. 2019 Assembly election
  3. While Goa, Karnataka and Madhyapradesh etc government formation.
  4. Economical and political isolation of Pakistan
  5. In World politics
  6. Uttar Pradesh Election
  7. North East Election
  8. Strategic military action plan against China in Indian ocean
  9. While removing article 370.
  10. Surgical strike 1 and 2
  11. While joining of Jyotiraditya Scindia in BJP 
  12. Relations with G7 countries and in UN
  13. While coronavirus lockdown.

and many more times we can see the excellent strategy of the Narendra Modi Government. 

Narendra Modi and Amit Shah make strategies in this way that people do not understand. They surprise the opposition and people. While removing 370, they suddenly stopped the Amarnath Yatra and increased the military force in JK.   

In elections they do the booth level management. They instruct for every booth and every election campaign. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have no competition in election campaigns and event management.  

His diplomacy has affected World politics. India is shining in World politics. Nowadays India has a very good relationship with the USA, UK, Japan, France, Brazil and Australia. His  diplomacy brings SAARC countries together excluding Pakistan. Also he has created a union of neighboring countries of China against expanding policies of China . His diplomacy created influence on gulf countries and now they are good friends of India. Gulf countries tilt towards India by ignoring Pakistan. 

Narendra Modi is a strategy guru.

#6. Patriotism and Nationalism

No need to prove Narendra Modi's patriotism and nationalism.  His every action and every word is patriotic and nationalitic. We have seen his emotions about our defence forces, Indian public and Bhartiya culture. He is proud to be Indian. He is one of the brightest gem from the mother India crown.

We can understand his feeling when he bowed down when he first entered the parliament house. Everyone was surprised about his action. 

Several times he touches the feet of freedom fighters on stage. 

When he was young he walked for the flag march. The aim of the flag march is to raise a Indian flag on Lal Square in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.  

Several times he celebrates Diwali with defence forces. 

He stopped his speech while Azan started from the nearby masjid. 

Whenever he gets time he will attend Ganga Arti.

He purchased lots of defence equipment for Indian army and forces. Even he does not care about false allegations of opposition. 

All these actions show his patriotism and nationalism.

Narendra Modi is a patriotic national hero.

#7. Excellent speaker, Fashion sense and Event Hero 

Everyone knows that Narendra Modi is an excellent speaker, he has great fashion sense and he is an event hero. 

Narendra Modi has excellent control on words. He avoids unnecessary words in speech. He studied hard and deep research before going to public speech. His preparation is very excellent. Most of the chances are that his speech was written by someone else but that is not sufficient, he is an excellent orator to deliver that speech. Also he has good knowledge about surrounding, current political and non political situations. 

Several times, in his speech, he answered the criticism and question asked about him. He knows what to speak, where to speak and how to speak. 

“Refer to your Google guru. Get enrolled in public speaking courses there; try youtube, which also has similar programs” - Narendra Modi (interview on teachers day)

Narendra Modi’s clothes are sober and simple but effective. His kurta is so famous that it's available in the market as Modi Kurta. His clothes are always neat and clean. 

He knows how to handle events as we know he is master in it. He can convert every small event to a big one. There are several events where he becomes a hero like Ganga Arti, Howdy Modi, First day of parliament, Namaste Trump, Election campaign at varanasi etc. 

Narendra Modi is a true event hero. 

Best speeches of Narendra Modi...

#8. Humility and Belief in GOD

Narendra Modi is prime minister and leads more than 1.3 billion people still he is humble and behaves like chaukidar. Following are example of humility:

  1. He touches the feet of freedom fighters.
  2. He washed feet of cleaner in Kumbh Mela.
  3. He plays with children and addresses them before exams.
  4. He  stopped speech when he heard the Azan. 
  5. He respects his mother and visits her on his birthday.
  6. He is respectful and polite with people who oppose him.

He believes in GOD, and has trust in Hindu God and Goddess. At the same time he respects other religious Gods. He observes fast on navratri days and drinks only lemon water. Whenever, he got a chance he attended Ganga aarti and several times he visited  Hindu temples. 

He do not go alone in temples or arti, lots of time we have seen that he went with forigen presidents or prime ministers in temples or for arti. Like when China President Xi Jinping visited India then he took him to visit Arjuna's penance, Krishna's butter ball, Panchratha and the shore temple. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan Prime minister Shinzo Abe visit Ahmedabad’s 16th century Sidi Saiyyed Ki Jaali Mosque also they visited Ganga Aarti at the Dashashwamedh Ghat at Varanasi.

Narendra Modi is a great Bhakt of Hindu gods and goddess and also respects other religions.

#9. Dream High, Commitment, Self confidence, Always be one step ahead, Visionary

Narendra Modi is a high dreamer and has self confidence and commitment about his dreams. He thinks and plans for the next 20 to 30 year ahead. He is  working on power, infrastructure, Make in India, Agriculture, defence, science, water, air, housing, health, food for all, smart city DMIC, bullet train and cleanliness(Swachata Abhiyan) etc. They work hard despite fearing losing elections. 

Narendra Modi's commitment is too high, he is committed to the nation and his work. 

#10. Independence and Ignore obstacles in progressive path

The word ignorance is negative but still it can be a quality of any person in a positive way. Narendra Modi ignores the lots of things which come in his path. Lets see some examples:

  1. He ignored America and rejected his visa, now America calls him a great friend.
  2. He ignored extreme leftist media, now they continuously show only his good news.
  3. He ignored social media comments and he has 56.4 Million followers.
  4. He ignored opposition and passed lots of bills in Rajyasabha without having a majority.
  5. When Delhi CM Kejariwal speaks against Modi, he ignores him. Now Kejariwal ignores to talk against him.
  6. When Sadhavi Pragya speaks wrong about Gandhiji, then Modi ignores her.
  7. His diplomacy ignores Pakistan.
  8. He ignores Rahul Gandhi when he comes to him and tries to hug. 

He ignores all negative news and negative comments on him. But he answers them when necessary and has a good chance. That's why he is great at politics.

Narendra Modi is an Independent person who has the ability to change time.


  1. What is the age of Narendra Modi?

Answer: Narendra Modi age is 69

  1. What is the birthdate of Narendra Modi?

Answer: Date of birth of Narendra Modi is 17 Sep 1950

  1. What is the name of Narendra Modi's wife?

Answer: Jashodaben Narendrabhai Modi

  1. When did Narendra Modi Marry?

Answer: 1968

  1. What is the name of Narendra Modi's son?

Answer: He doesn't have a son. 

  1. What is the name of Narendra Modi's father and mother?

Answer: Mother:  Heeraben Modi         Father: Damodardas Mulchand Modi

  1. What is the education of Narendra Modi?

Answer:  Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from School of Open Learning at University of Delhi.

  1. What is the salary of Narendra Modi?

Answer: Rs 1.6 Lakh  

  1. Is Narendra Modi vegetarian?

Answer: Yes, Narendra Modi is vegetarian. 

  1. Who is the Guru of Narendra Modi?

Answer: He has not mentioned yet his name. But he have influence of Swami Vivekanand 

  1. What cast Narendra Modi Belongs?

Answer: OBC (Other backward class)

  1. What is the height of Modi?

Answer: 1.7 M  OR 5.57 feet.

  1. Does the Prime Minister pay income tax?

Answer: Yes

  1. Which car for Narendra Modi?

Answer: Toyota Land Cruiser

  1. Where Prime Minister Narendra Modi Lives?

Answer: 7, Lok Kalyan Marg. 7, Lok Kalyan Marg (formerly 7, Race Course Road), New Delhi. The official name of the PM's residence complex is Panchavati.

Best quotes of Narendra Modi

“Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction.” 

“An opportunity to work is good luck for me. I put my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the gates for the next one.” 

“My experience in Gujarat shows that howsoever big a problem might be, it is not insurmountable if we have the will to act. ” 

“A son of a poor man is standing in front of you today! This is the strength of a democracy.”

“Individual efforts can bring excellence but only collective efforts can deliver effectively.”

“I am a very optimistic man and only an optimistic man can bring optimism in the country.”

“Our nation is rich and our people can be rich.”

”Our nation is filled with tremendous energy of the youth. Whatever future we desire of, we must keep the youth at the center. If we do this, we can surge ahead at an unmatchable pace.”

“Unless and until you inspire the people, you will not get results. Imposition will never give you the results. Inspiration will always give you the results.”

“Today the world looks at India with hope and confidence.”


Narendra Modi has lots of different qualities. He is the most successful person. He worked from Chaiwala to Prime Minister. People try to demoralize him several times, criticize him and try to drag him down. But he is firm on his position and growing day by day. 

He has one more quality that he can identify the right person, add him in his team and assign him right work by identifying his talent like Amit Shah, Smruti Irani, Ajit Doval and many more.  

Narendra Modi is the right person at the right time in the right position. 

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