Top 10 Criteria of Selection to Best Schools in Metro Cities of India

Best schools

On the off chance that you need to deal with schooling for your youngster/kid, at that point read this article cautiously. It will emphatically impact your choice.

While picking school what variables are a matter for you is progressively significant.  Am I Right? Your obvious answer is “YES”. 

I said “Partially correct” since you are not picking a school for yourself, you are picking a school for your youngster. So your focus should go on his/her variables or points which are useful for your youngster, as well as useful for you. 

Let's make a list of 10 variables which make effect.

  1. 1
    Cost of education
  2. 2
    Quality of education
  3. 3
    School ranking
  4. 4
    Distance from home
  5. 5
    Facilities provided by schools
  6. 6
  7. 7
    Timing of school
  8. 8
    Treatment by school staff
  9. 9
    Schools behaviour towards your religion
  10. 10
    Do schools acknowledge changes?

Lets see each variable in details

1. Cost of education.

You are looking for the best schools in cities than clearly you have best financial conditions. But remember one thing, all costly goods are not good.

Simply the school which are over the top expensive should not be good for your youngster. You need to consider different factors too. How about we consider today you are arranging money for fees for expensive school then you may have to face hard time in future. Always consider one thing that your condition should be like that school fees should not need to arrange. It should be available easily.   

Cost of education

Following are drawbacks of expensive schools:

  • Expensive schools are always doing advertising and spending money on expensive things, that does not mean they have the best quality education, sports and facilities.
  • In the middle of the year expensive school always ask for extra money for any reason. They have to recover their expenses from you. There are several cases happened that schools forced students and parents to pay extra for invalid reasons. 
  • The students come from rich families and they have expensive toys. So your youngster will ask you such expensive toys. If you are not able to provide that then the inferiority complex may born in kids brain.
  • Student from expensive school do not care about money. Which may affect your youngster. I only want to say that your youngster should stay on the ground all the time in reality.

You should choose quality of education over expensive educations. At the end the ultimate output is your son/daughter. 


2. Quality of education

This is the best variable for selecting school for your youngster. What are your criteria to decide the quality of education? 

If you think the school has 3 to 4 toppers in district or state. Then it's completely wrong. May be that 3 to 4 toppers are taking coaching from outside the school. We have to go with an average percentage of entire class. It should be around 70% to 80%. Which means schools are working on bright students as well as normal students. 

Also you have to check sports and art facilities. You don't know what path your youngster going to choose. Let him choose his own path.

Quality of education

3.School ranking

Government do not declared the ranking of private schools.  All ranking available on the internet or media is ranked by their personal survey. It may be correct or sponsored by the private education mafia.

Yes, I have used the correct word. In India private education mafia is actively works. So don't go on school ranking of any media. 

Several times these school shows certificate/award they get from xyz agency or survey. Which are completely useless. The funniest thing is that they got all that awards/certificates while admission started. School always use that as a promotion. 

Schools Ranking

4. Distance from home

School distance from home is a very important factor. To reach school in 10 to 15 min is very important. If you really care about your youngster then keep his/her school closest as possible. It has several benefits mentioned below.

  • Traveling time one hour or two hour in a day in school bus  can be used for other activities.
    School bus has different ages of students. School bus run on road area wise. You don't know how elder students are  behaving with your youngsters. 
    You and your youngster can save money and time.
  • You can visit school within 30 min if needed. You don't know when you have to go to school for an emergency. 
  • You can attend school program easily. 
  • You can send anyone to school to pick up or drop when needed

Choose a school that's closest to your house.

School bus

5. Facilities provided by schools

Now a days schools provides different kind of facilities. Like special classes for sports. Special learning, special mathematical techniques learning etc. 

You have to understand how these facilities will be useful for you child growth. There are some facilities which are completely useless. You have to personally check each and every facilities provided by schools.

school facilities

6. Sports

Sports is one of the important part while selecting school. Some schools actively encourage students for sports. Parents should understand that they can allow students to choose sport as a carrier. 

School Sports

7. Timing of school

Timing of school is also an important factor. Some schools have shift in morning and afternoon. Both shifts are not good. Some schools only have one shift which starts at 9am to 3/4pm, that is the best shift for students. They got time in the morning and evening also.

School timing

8. Treatment by school staff

This is very common and most important factor while choosing a school for children. Several times we see in the news channels that's how rough and rude behaviour of school staff towards parents and students.  We have mark such school and should not take admission over there.

Ranking of school play an important part in this kind of behaviour. Mostly number 1st, 2nd and 3rd behave rude to the parent. They feel that they do not have competitors. Ranking is completely wrong thing. However, most rankings are a joke, made by distributors for their business advantages.

The other extraordinary idea is all rankings of schools be restricted. Rankings make parents lazy in school choice and the high-positioned schools create self-importance and don't change with the times. Parents need to comprehend schools a lot further for picking a school for their kid.  New schools should not be at a disadvantage as older schools will almost always rank higher.

9. Schools behaviour towards your religion

I personally don't think that any school behave bad towards another religion. But some religious schools try to influence student by their religion.  I don't want to write more about this. Be careful about it. Its happening and keep open your senses.


10. Do schools acknowledge changes?

Again this point is also important,  Schools should consider changes suggested by parents. If they think parents thinking toward school is important then they should take it seriously. Acknowledgement to the changes and suggestions provided by parents, show respect towards parents.



While choosing a school don't consider ranking and age of school. You should focus on distance from home, fees, behaviour of staff, facilities and quality of education.

We should not give such significance to rankings. Offer opportunity to new strategies in new schools. Look at schools nearer to your home, rather than making your kid travel far. 

No school is good or bad. At last I just want to say ” student himself/herself, his or her friends, parents and good teachers are the four factors on which kids build their world.”

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