Top 10 Selfie Ideas

Top 10 selfie Ideas feature

Do you like to take selfies?

I could say - I am very fond of taking selfies.

No one will object if you take a selfie in a public place. The main purpose of taking a selfie is to show your expression and mood. Selfie is the photograph that one has taken of oneself by smartphone to share on social media. Use these top 10 selfie ideas to enhance your selfies.

We have seen many viral selfies. Some of them are adventurous enough to capture it. Even people lost their lives while taking unique or adventurous selfies. Life is more important than capturing risky selfies. So, avoid taking risky selfies.

Even some selfies are viral due to humor in it. It entertains people. Some humors are impromptu. Selfies in historical places or natural environments are also treatable to the eye. Some people are very addicted to capturing selfies. Those are called Selfitis. Selfitis is a mental condition that forces someone to take selfies and post them so that others can see it.

Taking a perfect selfie is an art. I have clubbed top 10 selfie ideas to take good selfies like a pro.

#1. Good Background - Its on first position in countdown of top 10 selfie ideas. 

You can't take a selfie photograph including just yourself, as there is normally something behind you, which significantly influences the manner in which watchers see your shot. If you try to get innovative selfies, you should be exceptionally careful about the background.

Plane Background Vs. Colorful Background

Plane background is good to watch for 2-3 selfies. But, people get bored of plane backgrounds easily.

Colorful Background is pleasant to watch every time. It is a treat to watch every time. People won't get bored of these types of selfies.

selfie with single colour background
selfie with multi colour background

Everyone gets bored watching the same background again and again . So, look for different backgrounds again and again.

Colours of the background are also very important. A dark top on light background makes selfie interesting. 

There are many places in India to visit and capture with your selfie. Check this Famous Places India

Caution - Think and check the background before taking selfie. Sometimes someone's eagerness for selfies leads into trouble. Like, avoid taking selfies in the funeral or with a dead person. If it's viral it can get bad publicity.

Note - Use good background to take perfect selfie

#2. Smile - Its on second position in countdown of top 10 selfie ideas. 

It is said that “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful”. More ever, we can say that “Because of your smile, you make SELFIE more beautiful”. We smile for different reasons. We can differentiate smiles from Mona Lisa to Grinch which can be genuine or fake.

Genuine smile Vs. Artificial smile 

Smile comes from Heart. A genuine smile represents your heart which is a mirror of your personality. A genuine smile results in a good selfie. You can check with good selfies. You can note down the smile on their face either genuine or artificial.

A genuine smile displays happiness, pleasure and enjoyment. The basic idea to take excellent selfies portrays your happiness and pleasure. So, enjoy posing for selfies and dont wear artificial smiles.

An artificial smile doesn't catch the attention on your selfie. It reduces the people’s view time on the selfie. An artificial smile is one you should avoid.

natural smile selfie

Phyllis Diller said that “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” Selfies lover can say that “A smile is a curve that gives smooth selfie”

Note - Use your smile to take a good selfie

#3. Lighting - Its on third position in countdown of top 10 selfie ideas.

Selfie is all about light. Light plays a vital role in taking good selfies. If You take a selfie in bad light then the selfie will be dark. Try to face the light while capturing the selfie. Don't show your back to the light. Show your face to the light.

While taking the creative selfie, check from where light is coming and 
intensity of light.If there is too much light, you will look pale. Try different places with different angles in the same place.Try to take more snaps to check with light effects on the same background with different angles.

It is said that front-facing cameras produce low quality selfies hence lighting is very important for good selfies. Hence, good light helps to take the best selfie.

light and photography

As vlogger Jordan Liberty puts it, "Light is undoubtedly the best beauty product you don't have to pay for."

Test with lighting. A side light will make a rounder face look less fatty with the shadow that outcomes on the opposite side of the light source.

A natural light can lead to a good selfie.Try it at home by taking a selfie in front of the window and take the selfie. Try with different angles and see the result.

Note - Good light helps to take good selfie

#4. Hold the phone at a side angle

Is it compulsory to take a selfie by keeping the phone in front of the face? Nope, not at all.

Everybody has the best angel. Do you know yours? To know your best angle, take selfies from left, right and center. Check those selfies and choose best among those selfies. Then, decide which angle’s selfie is best. Try to take selfies in different angles and check the position of the neck, lips and cheekbones. Repeat those angles for a perfect selfie. Remember to move your neck forward in whichever angle you have decided to avoid capturing double chin.

There are very few individuals who look great when shot from under their jaw. When taking a selfie, hold the mobile so its base is level with your eyes. Or on the other hand even better, utilize a selfie stick. Because you hold them up high, they make everybody look smooth and supermodel-y in photographs.
selfie till camera

It is said by Kim Kardashian, “When it comes to selfies, hold your chin down and the camera up”

Also, don't stare into the camera. The majority of people don't look good when their photo is taken straight. Turn the phone a little bit and take a snap.

Note -  Chec your perfect angle and repeat selfies in the same angle

#5. Remember rule of thirds

The rule of thirds involves mentally dividing up your image using 2 horizontal lines and 2 vertical lines. You then position the important elements in your scene along those lines, or at the points where they meet.

All genuine picture takers think about the standard of thirds.The key is to put your face in the top corner of a photograph - and afterward snap away! This can be on the correct side or the left side.The base corner works as well!

Professional photographers always stick to the Rule of Thirds. It is a simple technique which brings great outcomes. Place your face in the top corner of the selfie. Right and left sides can work with this technique. We can experiment with different selfie poses by keeping this rule in minds.

The rule of thirds is one of the most basic principles of composition and it's easy to understand. In photography, we depend on our feeling of beauty. But, utilizing the rule of thirds we can capture eye appealing pictures.

rule of third

Note -  Try to implement rule of thirds

Try this Monopod to take a selfie.

#6. Avoid Over Editing

If you want to enhance your selfie pictures, use photo editing tools. Some photo editing tools are

  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Snappa
  • GIMP. 
  • Pixlr
  • PicMonkey
  • Piktochart

Try these tools to enhance your pictures which can give you the best result. These photo editing tools can take your selfie to a new level.

Why to use a photo editing tool?

There is no shame in editing the pictures. If you dont like under eye bags, then you can blur those using a photo editing tool. You can whiten your yellowish teeth to look bright. We can add spark into the eyes and make them beautiful. We can add brightness to the face and make it more vibrant.

image effects and filters
Don't over edit the picture as it will look unnatural. Give light touch to the picture. And see the effect.

Note -  Use photo edit tool to enhance the selfie and avoid over-editing the picture

#7. Use accessories

Use accessories before taking a selfie. It will give a cool look to the snap.

Accessories like
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat/Cap
  • Jewellery
  • Watch
  • Scarf

Use accessories, while taking selfies which will make your selfie more beautiful.

Note - Accessories give cool look to your selfie

accessories selfie

#8. Use Selfie Stick

If you want flexibility while trying different angles then go for a selfie stick. You can get a higher angle shot with a selfie stick.

How to take selfie with selfie stick?

Selfie Sticks are Bluetooth-enabled which can be paired with an iPhone or Android phone. You can click the button available on the handle of the stick and take a photo. These selfie sticks can be plugged into the smartphone’s headphone socket.

We can use selfie sticks without bluetooth function. We can mount a smartphone or camera on a selfie stick and set the timer. Adjust the selfie stick angle and picture is clicked as per timer set.

Selfie sticks are banned in some places like museums, art galleries and historical sites to avoid damage to priceless artworks and other things.

Along with selfie sticks, there are many selfie accessories, which helps to take the best selfie. Some of them are...
selfie stick
  • Bluetooth Shutter Control
  • Selfie Ring Light
  • Extendable Monopod
  • Smartphone Attachment for Pet
  • 3-in-1 Lens Camera Kit

#9. Enjoy it

Don't try too hard to take a selfie. Enjoy the process and it will reflect into the final product. Overthinking about selfie may affect your facial expressions. Seriousness is not good for selfie. Don't look too posed. A natural selfie is much better than a posed one. The best selfies are those which come from natural expressions.

Whatever your favorite poses are, try to look natural in the selfie. Use your comfortable pose to take a selfie. The repetitive post will make you comfortable while taking a selfie. Relaxing pose while sitting, standing results in a good selfie. If you are taking selfies seriously, it will result in a silly selfie. Don't focus too much while taking a selfie. Enjoy the process, relax and don't overthink it.

Selfie should not look like that it has been forcefully taken. It should look like you are relaxed and happy, not like it is taken on gun-point.
Note- Don't overthink about selfie.

Check this for, how to take good selfie

selfie enjoy

#10. Holding the camera

Holding a camera the right way is very important while taking a selfie. If you are using a smartphone or camera for shooting the selfie, always look at the lens and not at the screen.

You might have seen some selfies in which people are looking somewhere else which is the result of not looking at the lens. People are not aware of the fact that we have to look at lenses not at screens. Even I was unaware of this fact and always looked at the screen. And my pictures were like looking somewhere else or not interested in selfies. It looked weird. Sometimes depicts like I am not interested in taking the selfie.

To have a better selfie, try to hold a camera or smartphone slightly above your eyes. Capturing a selfie from above helps to show a better jawline.

Very few people can look better in selfies if taken from holding a phone under the chin. So, when taking a selfie hold the phone so that its bottom is in the line of your eyes.
right camera position

#11. FAQ

1.How to take selfies like a pro?

Take a good angle, do something cheerful, avoid stress, try a natural look, take multiple and random selfies to know your best angle. Check this link to have an idea about taking good selfie

2. What are selfie hacks for instagram?

There are many selfie hacks for instagram. Some of them are discovering your best angel, apply lip balm, check for perfect lighting, use Instagram instead of your phone camera, try to display some of your neck, think about happy thoughts, use filters.

3. How to take full body selfies?

You can take a full body selfie in the mirror. You can even use a tripod to take a full body selfie by using a timer and position camera on the tripod.

4. How to take interesting selfies?

There are many ways to take interesting selfies. Some of them are to look towards the camera, raise your head from neck, hold your phone in side angle instead of holding it in front, relax your face, take many snaps to choose for best from those.

5. Where to see while taking a selfie?

Look towards the lens not to the screen and raise your head from the neck.

#12. Conclusion

Taking creative selfies is an art. One can implement different selfie ideas to make pose interesting. The only way to take good selfie is

Practice with different ideas and poses

Experiment with different light and background

Enjoy it

The purpose behind top 10 selfie ideas is to elaborate some selfie tricks.

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