Top 10 Web Hosting India 2020.

There are thousands of posts available on the internet about the top 10 web hosting India then why you should trust me or this post? What makes a difference in your decision? Is that effect on your website by choosing web hosting?

My simple answer is if you want to make money from the internet then web hosting will affect your website. You can trust on this post because we are not comparing the only price we are comparing the services and performance. Trust me it will affect your decision.

If you are planning to build a new website for your business then you have to know about the best web hosting services in India.

We have 14 years of experience in this field and we summarize our research here.

In this article, I am writing about the top 10 web hosting India 2020. If you want to know which web hosting service is fit for your business or blog then you are at the right place. After reading this article you can easily choose the best hosting provider in India.

The common feature you get in every hosting company is hosting space, database, FTP access, email accounts, free software installer included WordPress, file manager…etc.

That features are not enough for your website. More important for the great website are speed performance, Cpanel, customer support, technical support, SEO friendly environment, etc. Top 10 web hosting India 2020 compaired all parameters.

Your aim is to start income from the website. Our aim is to give you the right direction. So you can get the best web hosting service according to your requirement.

What is web hosting?

The website consists of files, a database, and one name. So you required some space to store files and database and that specific name will be pointed to specific space.

In simple language, web hosting service provides you space for website files on the server which are accessible entire world through the internet by using a specific name.

       Web Hosting Server and Network

What is the purpose of the best web hosting India 2020?

You should understand the needs of your website. It’s a simple question but depends upon multiple factors. You may belong to one of the following criteria provided by web hosting India. 

  1. Beginner in blogging and want to start a new blog for affiliate marketing and Adsense. 
  2. Experienced bloggers and want to shift on a good web hosting for performance. 
  3. Start an e-commerce website.
  4. Have an e-commerce website, now you want to shift web-hosting server for good performance.
  5. Simply want to build your company website to get new clients.
  6. Social networking website which will have lots of traffic in the future.
  7. Have a special idea and you want to implement it to test it.
  8. Video and images base website.
  9. Some tool base websites like Check PNR number, get zip code of particular area or find IFSC code, etc. Which have good traffic and should load fast.
  10. At last, you want a website for your existence. To show people that you have a website, you don’t have an inside hidden aim.

Types of Hosting

First, you understand the type of hosting, There different types of offers provided by these hosting providers. Below you see the most common web hosting services.

Shared Web Hosting

In the shared hosting, the service provider can share a hosting server with anyone. In this service, software applications also shared by the server provider. If you are a website builder or you want to build more than one website then this plan is the best fit for you. Its like housing society, on one big plot you are building multiple houses for multiple families. In top 10 web hosting India 2020, we focus on Shared web hosting.


  • ​The cost is very low. ($2 to $10 per month)
  • ​You will get all most all the services at a low cost.
  • Nowadays, powerful shared hosting available so it will not affect the speed of your website.
  • Non-technical people can manage the server with the help of customer care.
  • Shared hosting is good for small and medium scale websites/businesses. It’s good for the blog, e-commerce, simple websites, etc.


  • On most of the shared web hosting, It will affect speed and performance of your website.
  • Other website performance may affect on your website. But nowadays some web hosting providers overcome this problem and providing the best services.


All beginners should go with it. If it will not fulfill your requirement only then switch to Cloud based hosting, Dedicated server, VPS(Virtual Private Server), etc. I am pretty sure this hosting services will fulfill all your requirements.


While selecting web hosting services to read reviews on the internet. Should read reviews about speed performance, Cpanel, customer support and cost, etc. I will give you a good comparison of it.

Virtual Private Server(VPS)

It’s your private server but virtually. Physically its shares most of the resources. It’s a middle step between the private servers and the shared server. It’s an instance base hardware sharing. Its allocated dedicated slice of hardware to each VPS. Basically, it creates multiple small servers inside one big server and assigned one server to you.


  • It’s a faster than a shared web hosting server.
  • The dedicated instance of hardware is assigned to your VPS.
  • Pricing base on guaranteed CPU and RAM Memory assigned VPS.
  • It avoids all problems of sharing a web-hosting server.


  • The cost is higher than shared web hosting. ($10 to $100 per month).
  • ​You should have some technical knowledge.
  • Sometimes you need experts and have to pay them.
  • You have to install everything on your server like Cpanel, XAMP/WAMP, etc.


It’s good for high traffic websites and good for high middle websites and big websites/companies. 

One of the best examples of AWS EC2. AWS is Amazon service and its a dam good. We will discuss on some other post.

Dedicated Hosting OR Private Server

You rent a physical server from a hosting company. You have full control over it and you have to install and manage everything on the server. There is nothing shared with others like hardware and software which will make your website slow. This is the highest level of the server. It’s for big, big companies. The cost will start at $100 per month.

There is a more hosting server like Colocation Web Hosting, Cloud Base Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Self Service Web Hosting, etc. We will discuss it in some other post. In this post, we will discuss only Shared Web Hosting.

Comparisons of web hosting service providers

We should not avoid comparisons made by different bloggers. It’s available on the internet. Open and search “Best web hosting India” or “Best web hosting India 2019”. We have compared the result of the first top 7 websites. Web hosting India are plotting them below.

​If we see the above result then countdown look like this:

  1. Hostinger: Three-time it’s on 1st position, one time on 2nd positions.

  2. BlueHost: It comes one time 1st, two times on 2nd and one time on the third position.

  3. Godaddy: Two times on the first position and 5 times appear on the list.

  4. HostGator.

  5. A2 Hosting: This is one of the best web hosting services. One of my favorite hosting service.

  6. SiteGround: Again, this is one of the best web hosting services. It’s fighting for the first place.

  7. HostPapa

  8. InMotion

  9. HostingRaja

  10. iPage: This is included in the list because of a good rating.

Let's see the details about each hosting.

This web hosting service is best for an individual website and business website. Hostinger is a cheap and best hosting provider in India with powerful servers. If you are going to build your first website then this Web Hosting service is the best fit for you because this web hosting provider gives you services like website builder, email etc. You also get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage with the great server speed. In Hostinger, you get a free domain name, web hosting and website builder.


This hosting provider provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. In this hosting, you get three different plans that are listed below.

  • Rs. 45/m - For single Web Hosting.
  • Rs. 119/m - Premium Web Hosting plan with the better server.
  • Rs.189/m - Business Web Hosting with Powerful Server.


  • Here you get fully optimized hosting for WordPress.
  • You also get the best security protection.
  • MySQL and PHP are supported.


  • You get a drag a drop website builder.
  • Also get many free Templates.
  • Unlimited email accounts are also offered.


  • For access live chat you have to create an account in Hostinger.
  • Here you didn't get a Cpanel.


Hostinger provides you with 24x7 customer support services. So if you have any problem with these hosting services then you can reach customer care anytime. according to the internet you need to create an account for access chat and you can chat with care for more than 10 minutes.

This hosting provider provides a single website hosting as well as multiple websites hosting. Here you also get back service and four-time faster-processing speed.

This service is best for new websites and blogs with high traffic. Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and VPS hosting are some services that are provided by Bluehost. These services are best for individuals as well as business owners. Bluehost gives you complete Web Hosting solution included with all-suite tools.


Bluehost also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. All plans of Bluehost are listed below.

  • Rs. 207/m - Basic or stater plan.
  • Rs. 382/m - Plus or Regular Plan.


  • Here you get easy to use dashboard.
  • This also provides the best Security service.
  • You can use an international domain in this hosting.
  • Also get spam protection.


  • Get a free domain for one year.
  • A drag n drop builder.
  • You will get Unlimited storage with unlimited email accounts.


  • Have to pay for website migration services.


Bluehost provides 24x7 customer support through email, chat, and call. This is a top 2 web hosting website in India that comes with a secure and reliable website hosting with powerful servers. This also provides free website scripts and all eCommerce new features. You can fully customize your website with Bluehost.

Godaddy is an American company that provides you domain registration and web hosting services. Godaddy headquartered is running at Scottsdale, Arizona and one other headquartered is incorporated.  GoDaddy has the largest customer cloud platform in the web hosting company. In GoDaddy 18.5 million customers using the services of this company and 9000 employees working in Godaddy from the worldwide locations in 2019.

Generally, people heard about Godaddy. Godaddy spent lots of money on advertisements. They have good VPS and Private server services. Their price is also good to purchase a domain name. They have lots of clients that's why they can’t able to serve properly.


Their money-back guarantee is very confusing for customers, so at the end customer not get a single dollar. Godaddy has the following plans.

  • Rs. 99/m - Economy basic website plan.
  • Rs. 419/m - Deluxe small business plan.
  • Rs. 599/m - Ultimate complex, high traffic plan. 


  • Basic plan provides 1GB storage and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Come with powerful security
  • Godaddy has 125 services that ready to click to install.  
  • Good startup plan.
  • They have offered number of services in startup plan.


  • Price starts from $2.99 for an economic plan.
  • Good page loading speed.
  • They support WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more.
  • Powerful servers that are available in India.
  • Speed, plans, technologies and everything looks very good.


  • Renewal fees are much higher.
  • Lost of upsells.
  • Bad customer support.
  • Confusing money-back guarantee. 


The maximum customer gives negative reviews. All look good on paper but customer experience is bad. Everything looks very attractive to an inexperienced person. A new customer should understand what they are paying for.

HostGator web hosting service is good for enterprises and small businesses. This is a super fast and powerful web hosting with the Indian servers. This hosting provider offer you hosting for a single domain to unlimited domains. 


Hostgator offer you a money-back guarantee of 45 days. There are four plans in Hostgator that are listed below

  • Rs. 99/m - Web Hosting.
  • Rs. 1699/m - Reseller Hosting.
  • Rs. 1495/m - VPS Hosting.
  • Rs. 249/m - WordPress Hosting.


  • Your Website backup is always available in Hostgator. So if there is any failure in web hosting you can recover your website.
  • Unlimited MySQL Database and  Advance programming languages are supported in Hostgator with phpMyAdmin Access.
  • Hostgator uses the Intel processor to provide you powerful server with maximum uptime.


  • Here you get WHM Control Panel .
  • Also get a free SSL certificate.
  • ​You can manage your email with enhanced features.


  • ​Windows server is not available for web hosting.


Hostgator provides you 24x7 technical support through email, call, and chat. Hostgator offers you max 6 GB RAM with unlimited bandwidth and storage. The uptime of these servers is 0.999 and speed is 984 ms. Hostgator use Indian server to provide maximum speed in India and offer local currency transaction, local language support, and local payment gateways.

If you going to build a new blog or you have a popular website or you are a professional developer then this website is a great choice for you. A2 Hosting provides you services like WordPress hosting, shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting with global data center availability. A2 hosting provides you windows server as well as Linux servers.


This hosting provider also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee. These four plans are available in A2 Hosting that listed below.

  • Rs. 275.18/m - Shared Hosting.
  • Rs. 927.31/m - Reseller Hosting.
  • Rs. 351.43/m - VPS Hosting
  • Rs. 6999.89 - Dedicated Hosting


  • There have turbo sever options. So you can enjoy fast web hosting.
  • Here you get developer-friendly hosting.
  • It comes with features like ID protection, DNS Management, and domain protection.


  • It also provides you options like advance SSL or Premium SSL with wide varieties.
  • Very fast and user friendly environment.
  • Good customer support.
  • Global Data Centers availability.


  • Windows Server only available in selected plans.
  • There have a limit of one website and five databases in the lowest plan.


A2 Hosting customer support team available 24x7 hours through live chat, email, and phone. In this company you get the fast web hosting solutions for windows and Linux hosting servers with unlimited bandwidth and storage. Here you get 8GB maximum ram with uptime time of 0.999.

SiteGround hosting is also a better choice for small and medium websites and businesses. You can easily manage your website with SiteGround web hosting. There have WordPress hosting, web hosting, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting with super fast speed, top security and domain management with great email services.


In the SiteGround you get three hosting plans that are listed below.

  • Rs. 267/m - StartUp Plan
  • Rs. 415/m - GrowBig Plan
  • Rs. 835/m - Gogeek plan


  • Application and server levels are automatically managed by SiteGround.
  • SSD disks and PHP7 with OpCache use in this hosting for fast web performance.
  • Get a more powerful server and security with easy GIT integration with premium hosting plans.
  • You can host multiple websites in a single account with dynamic coaching and staging tools through GrowBig and GOgeek Plans.


  • ​You can take a free daily backup.
  • ​Free website builder
  • Good customer support.


  • You can transfer your website with basic plans.


Customer services of SiteGround are available 24x7 hours. You can host 1 to the unlimited website in SiteGround web hosting. Here you will get max storage of 30GB with unlimited bandwidth. The speed of server is 714ms with Uptime 0.999. Features of website building, WordPress management, and free website transfer are some reasons to add this in the top 10 webs hosting in India.

This is a top 4 web hosting website in India and best fitted for small businesses. HostPapa provides you features like website builder, SEO & Marketing, Performance and speed, and eCommerce. Here you get many other features like mobile and social media optimization.


In the HostPapa hosting, you will get lots of different plans, we have listed only three below.

  • Rs. 499/m - Starter Plan
  • Rs. 799/m - Business Plan
  • Rs. 1,299/m - Business Pro plan


  • Free Website Builder with templates for professional and mobile-friendly designs.
  • Included with easy to use Cpanel.
  • Protected server with the best security services.


  • Email Plans of Enterprise - Grade
  • Drag n Drop Website Builder.
  • A free domain name without any setup charges.


  • Renewal rates of this provider are very high.


This hosting provider provides you 24x7x365 support services with tickets, chat and call with the instant response through phone and chat. With HostPapa you get a WordPress friendly hosting. HostingPapa gives you free website migration and easy to use tools for free. You can also personalize the email addresses of your domain.

Inmotion is the best web hosting provider for small businesses, enterprise businesses and growing businesses. This service provides fast and secure reliable web hosting services. Inmotion is best fitted for personal or business websites. You will also be guided for website marketing. Inmotion comes with features like security, website builder and proactive maintenance.


This hosting provider gives you the option to choose a plan from five different plans. These plans are starting from 350 rupees that all are listed below.

  • WordPress Hosting - Rs. 350/m
  • Rs. 1402/m - VPS Hosting
  • Rs. 7412/m - Dedicated Server
  • Rs. 1051/m - Website Creator
  • Rs. 280/m - Business Hosting


  • For improving performance and cache loading time Inmotion use custom server, PHP7, and Solid-State drives.
  • You get free website migration services.
  • Come with the fully secure server with hack protection, custom firewall, auto-updates, and DDoS protection.


  • Here You will get a free Website Builder.
  • You can also manage the server with dedicated Web Hosting.


  • If and only if you subscribed for two years then you can enjoy the low prices.


Let's talk about the customer support of Inmotion. You can contact customer care via chat, call, email, and tickets. According to the review of this website customer support team will give you an instant response with very experienced helpers.

You can get VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, business hosting and website creators in InMotion company. You will also get a free SSL certificate with hack and malware protection. Dedicated servers and VPS hosting services are there for Enterprise and Scaling businesses

This provider is best for an online startup, small businesses as well as large businesses with medium and high traffic. This provider gives services like Compression, inbuilt cache, optimized cache and Anti DDos Protection.


If you are looking for an affordable hosting price then HosstingRaja is the best. These three types of plans are available there and that are listed below.

  • Rs. 65/m - Statter plans well for a new website.
  • Rs. 85/m - Siver plan for small business
  • Rs. 161/m - Gold plan Corporate websites


  • Dedicated Linux and Windows Web Hosting.
  • Included with security DDoS protection.
  • With JS/CSS compression and GZIP Compression.


  • Best Protection services against malware and Virus.
  • Easy to use Darg n Drop Builder


  • Drag n Drop site builder is the only available in premium Plan.


HostingRaja also provides 24x7 customer support services with high priority. The maximum RAM of this provider server is 3GB with unlimited storage and bandwidth. These services are best for medium and high traffic web pages.

iPage provide you free web site builder with drag and drop option. This company also provides a free domain so you can build a free website easily. You can also customize the email address of your domain and also get many features to send and receive emails. This is come in the top 10 India hosting services because of the many features iPage provides.


iPage hosting also offers you a money-back guarantee for 30 days. This hosting provider provides hosting service at Renewal 139/m.


  • vDeck Control Panel and enhanced security.
  • Here you get Free Domain, ad credits, Email address, and website builder.
  • It supports the eCommerce Website.
  • Unlimited domain supported with unlimited disk storage and MySQL databases.
  • You can also sell your product through online stores for free.


  • ​SSL certificate are free available.
  • For Website building there many templates and themes are available.
  • Mobile optimized website with drag and drop website builder.


  • Renewal plans of iPage are expensive.


iPage customer support service is available 24x7 hours through chat and phone calls. Max’s storage of this hosting is unlimited and bandwidth is scalable. Here you get 0.9998 uptime with 820 ms website loading time. iPage also gives you analytics tool that will help you to monitor your website performance.


01 What is shared hosting?

In shared web hosting, multiple web hosting customers shared a single server(Virtual and Physical) server. It will affect the performance of the website. But nowadays good web hosting companies overcome this problem like A2 Hosting and SiteGround.

02 Is it possible to start a WordPress website on shared web hosting?

Yes, Most of the web hosting website provides tools/wizard for WordPress website. You can install WordPress by one click.

03 Can I host multiple websites on one web hosting server?

Yes, You can host multiple websites on a single hosting server.

04 How to manage a web hosting server?

Most of the web hosting provides Cpanel to manage web hosting. Or they can provide a similar kind of wizard.

05 Which domain name is good in India?

If you targeting India then .in and is good. For international traffic .com is good.


In this topic, we cover the Top 10 Web Hosting India and discuss all the prices and features of these web hosting providers. Hostinger is a cheap web hosting that provides all features that help you to build a perfect website for your business or enterprise. HostPapa web hosting services starting from 99/m and this is best for small businesses.

As per top 10 web hosting India, A2 Hosting and Siteground are the best hosting service providers. The BBB Rating of A2 Hosting is A+ and Siteground has A. 

Let’s compare A2 Hosting and Siteground.

A2 Hosting



A2 Hosting provides incredible fastest solutions. Its best for blogs and new business.

It has reasonable prices and good customer support.

B​​​​​BB Ratings



Monthly price

From $3.92 per month

From $3.95 per month

Server locations

Michigan, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Singapore, Asia 

Chicago Illinois, Amsterdam Netherlands, Singapore and London UK

Unlimited Data Storage


No (10GB to 30GB)

Money-Back Guarantee


30 Days

Bonuses & Extras

Attracta SEO and Marketing Tools. Free HackScan and Security Tools. Free Solid State Drives (SSDs). Cloudflare Content Delivery Network. Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates. Patchman Enhanced Security Tool. Integrated ManageWP Account.

Cloudflare content delivery network (CDN). Free backup and restore tools (except with StartUp plan). The free private SSL certificate for one year (except with StartUp).

If you have any confusion about this list of Top 10 Web Hosting India then comment below. Can I miss something here? Help us to improve our blog.

Which web hosting service you like most?

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